Canada 2060

How do you think Canada will look like in the year 2060?


The year is 2060 and Canada is facing many challenges with immigration, demography and their relationship with the first nations. Some of the issues canada is undergoing is with more people leaving the workforce,increase in population, and the issue with the (FNMI) education and health care. We need your help to travel back in time to the year 2015 and warn people of the upcoming challenges Canada will face in the future. Are you up to the challenge?


currently there are three main challenges Canada is facing with immigration.The main issue is the growing number of immigrants that immigrate to Canada every year. There are about 24,514 individuals that immigrate to our country in a year.Since Canada has many open immigrant program's there has been an increase in our immigration status. in other words an increase in our population has occurred bringing us to our first challenge, Overpopulation.Overpopulation is the "Excessive population of an area to the point of overcrowding, depletion of natural resources, or environmental deterioration" this brings us to our second challenge Recourse depletion. since there are too many individuals in one area, they are forced to consume resources faster, the consumption of resources increased causing the demand of the resources to go up and the supply to go up.Due to supply and demand prices for the resources increased, only allowing the rich and middle class to purchase these resources while the poor individuals had to find another way to get food, water, clothes and etc. This brings us to our last challenge an increase in unemployment,most people are getting forced out of their jobs or are getting paid a lower salary not leaving them with enough money to support their families.This is happening because all the immigrants are taking over our work forces due to their intelligence,focus and communication skills.This is leaving Canadians with no jobs and no money.
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Canada has seen immigrants from a large variety of countries. But in 2015 the main countries that individuals were immigrating from was the Philippians,India and China. Currently in the present day(2060) we have more individuals immigrating from the exact same countries. Canada also always had a positive net migration rate causing more people to enter Canada then to emigrate to Canada. There are so many reasons why individuals choose to immigrate to Canada if its due to our great health care and education to freedom of speech and the right to vote Canada's the right place to choose.
Immigration system

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From looking at this population pyramid we can infer what Canada's future might withhold for us. As we can see the longest lines are the ones between the ages 45-59.This generation is the baby boomer generation "Golden age". In 1945 when World War ll ended Canada's population had an extreme increase. All the young men from war came back in a hurry to make a family due to their long absence. currently all the baby boomers have passed away and new generations are being born.To find if the population increased or decreased, we must find the natural increase rate,by evaluating the trends,then subtracting the death rate by the birth rate. Currently Canada's birth and death rates still remain to be very low causing Canada's natural increase rate to increase slowly. Although all the baby boomers have passed away, we still strive to increase our population and regain the loss of the baby boomers.

Canada's relationship with the First nations

The first nations have always been treated unfairly. They've been through so much pain and suffering and for what? just to get the rights they deserve and to get back the land they own. Today the first nations community still struggles to be accepted into society,although it is very hard due to stereotypes and racial discrimination. The first nations went through so many challenges from being in residential schools to having low income, living in poverty, having low healthcare,and bad education.Some first nations have been taken out of their homes and put into reserves stripping them from their religion. What Canadians and people in general didn't see was the strong and powerful connection the first nations had with Canada and its land. They were called the "Caretakers of mother earth" and without them are environment was dying.What did the future hold for First nations?
11 facts about the gap between First Nations and the rest of Canada

Our relationship with the first nations in the future....

Canada's relationship with the first nations has changed very much from 2015 to now. Canada has managed to mend their broken relationship with the first nations and finally give them what they asked for hundreds of years ago. we have also managed to even out our birth and death rates with the first nations. Almost all the first nations are living out of reserves and are getting proper education and health care.Canada would like to continue building a stronger bond and connection with the first nations for a better future for Canada's first nation children's. Canada finally realized that we needed a strong relationship with the first nations to build a strong and happy country.


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Canada's future has the chance to be bright and amazing. But if you cant succeed in travelling back in time to the year 2015 to warn Canadians about the actions they must take now, like making sure Canada's population stays stable,making sure Canada's birth and death rates stay at the same level and making sure the Canadian government mends their broken relationship with the first nations.Canada may have to undergo difficult challenges in the future.