Residence Hall Association

Weekly Newsletter

Dear Community Councils and Advisors

Every week RHA is going to send a weekly newsletter, becausethere a lot of events happening at once this time of the year. If you have a question about any of the events or task please e-mail

Temple's Got Talent

Ballad for Fliers

The Ballad for the fliers was sent earlier today. CLICK HERE for the link (just in case). Voting will end tonight at 8:30pm. I have posted the three fliers below as a sneak peak.

Diamond Diners

Student Acitivties Center Discussion w/ Diamond Diners

Tomorrow at 2pm will be our SAC Diamond Diners. We will be meeting at the Atrium (Info Desk). There will be a free meal and friendly e-board faces. Come and discuss questions, concerns, comments, or ideas about the service and food at the SAC.

RSVP on the webiste the grey button above is a link to the form.

Kids Holiday Party/Community Service

Everybody's committee will be e-mailed individually about what committee you are apart of. Community Service (like TGT) is a mandatory event and if you cannot attend please e-mail a week before the party.

All committees for the event have been filled.