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For the Week of September 13, 2016

Elementary Cheat Sheet: Introducing a Fresh New Look

Our Elementary Cheat Sheet has a whole new look in an easier to read format. To easily find the Cheat Sheet, simply click on the HCS Bookmarks in the upper left hand corner of your Chrome browser and scroll down to the bottom. You may also find the sheet in the signature of your tech coach's signature.

The New Google Sites Just Got Easier

Interested in your students creating a digital portfolio using the new and improved Google Sites? In less than fifteen minutes your students will be well on their way to adding their Google Drive work samples. These portfolios can stay with them from third grade to graduation and beyond. This is a great way for students to show their work to a wider audience. Students will learn the value of curating their work for future college and careers.

Five Minute Overview

Screen Shot of How to Find New Google Site

Example - Elizabeth Lochamy, library, SMES

OSMO Coding

Osmo Coding features a hands on introduction to coding for your younger students. Students use blocks to code a character across the screen. Be sure to check out the YouTube link for additional information. You may contact your tech coach for a learning center demonstration.

Around the District Highlights

1. Back to the Future Parent Night at Bluff Park - Parents rotated through 6 stations to learn more about the innovative practices at Bluff Park.

2. 3rd Grade Chromebook Rollout - Riverchase, 3rd Grade- Just one example of the excitement across the district.

3. Makey Makey makes an appearance this week in 4th grade as they study electricity and circuits. Contact your tech coach if you are interested in this lesson for your classroom.

Contact Us!

We would love to come to your room and teach a lesson. Here are just a few of the lessons we are teaching in the classrooms.

  • MinecraftEDU
  • BreakoutEDU A Bad Case of Stripes (Context Clues) 3-5
  • BreakoutEDU Digital Citizenship sessions for grades 2-5
  • General BreakoutEDU
  • Create a digital post card using Google Slides
  • Create a Mystery Number, Person, Place, or Thing with Google Slides
  • Lesson on Tour Builder
  • Create Student Portfolios using Google Sites
  • Pick from a number of Google Projects
  • Graph data using Google Sheets
  • Research lessons
  • Technology Playground Centers
  • Code Lessons
  • Google Drive lessons with the Do's and Don'ts of creating a Google Slide Presentation
  • Read an Augmented Reality Digital Book with a writing extension activity using Google Docs
  • Reading Centers with iPad
  • Digital Citizenship Lessons
  • Research Lessons

We would love to learn from you! Please invite us into your classroom to see all the engaging ways you are using technology in your classroom.

Need Help?

Sara Carpenter's Schedule:

Tuesday- Riverchase

Wednesday- South Shades Crest

Thursday- Shades Mountain

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Karen Darroch's Schedule:

Tuesday - Deer Valley Elementary

Wednesday - Bluff Park Elementary

Thursday - Greystone Elementary

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Jamie Nutter's Schedule:

Tuesday - Gwin

Wednesday - Green Valley

Thursday - Rocky Ridge

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Technology Cheat Sheet/Handbook

Got an App for That! Word Work Apps

  • Little Speller
  • Louie's Letter Challenge
  • Build a Word Express
  • Poplet

All of these are free!