Dec 2018

in the HH Library
Have you heard those terms but aren't exactly sure what they mean? This is a worldwide initiative to help students start practicing the kinds of thinking they will need for careers in computer science related fields. Ms. 's brother will graduate in April with a degree in computer science and already has had four different job opportunities (have to brag on him there ;)).

It's a lot of fun and great brain exercise! There are lots of different websites and apps. Parents can give it a try as well!

Holiday Reads

Students received the logs at some point the week before Thanksgiving. Six Flags requires six hours of reading, Schlitterbahn requires ten. That first six hours can be the same books, they don't have to be different titles.

Misplaced the reading logs? Click on the pics above for new copies (you only need page 10 of the Schlitterbahn one). Both are due at the end of January and no extensions can be permitted. Best to turn it in early if you finish. Make sure it's clearly filled out and names are legible.

Just as a head's up again ... students usually check out one extra book over the break to make sure they have PLENTY of reading. That means ...

PreK might have 1-2 books.

K-2 might have 3 books and

3-5 might have 4 books.

And then there are always the electronic reading options.

They do need to have a clear account (no overdues) for this privilege. We don't charge fines for late books but we do need students to return overdue books before checking out new titles. The best idea? Keep them in backpacks or book boxes at school when not actively reading!

With Electronic Library Resources Students Could ALWAYS Have FIVE EXTRA BOOKS!

In order to access all digital resources students (Sora/Overdrive ebooks or audiobooks (awesome for holiday travel), Pebblego early reader nonfiction reference, Tumblebooks, Encyclopedia Britannica reference sources, etc) will go to Launchpad. This can be accessed from the top right of the main NEISD page or from the library webpage.

Username: first initial + last name (up to 10 letters) + last 4 digits of ID number @ (no spaces or + signs when entering online)

Password: Full student ID number

If you as a parent would like to check out library materials (either print or electronic) please fill out this link and Ms. Oliverson will be in touch.

Monthly Circulation


From Nov 1-Nov 30 we circulated over 3000 items. That's with a week vacation! Go Hawk Readers!

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