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Olivia Lara

This is awesome! I teach 8th grade ELA at Dillon Middle School!


Shelby Lewis

Help get the southside middle school chess club off the ground by supporting our donors choose to purchase chess boards and chess clocks.

Amy Dover

Hi! I teach at Delmae Heights Elementary (this is my very first year🤪) I will be teaching ELA and Social Studies in 4th grade❤️ I’m so excited! Please send some prayers my way as I am getting BEYOND nervous the closer school gets!

Chantelle Johnson

Thank you! I’m teaching 5th grade Math, Science, and Social Studies at Savannah Grove Elementary.

Dana Howell

Wow really?! Thank you so much for your support.

Jamie Clark

4th Grade Language Immersion teacher at Delmae Heights Elementary, Florence ❤️🍎 Thank you.

Pamela Owens-Beaty

Greetings. I am Pamela Owens-Beaty, and I teach seventh (7th) grade IB Social Studies (World Geography) at Williams Middle School. This is my thirtieth (30th) year in education. Any contributions will be greatly appreciated.

Lindsey Felker

That is so incredibly sweet! I teach kindergarten at Lucy T Davis in Florence! ❤️❤️

Rebecca Poole

This is awesome!! I teach 6th grade at Theodore Lester Elementary!

Rian Avin

I teach 2nd grade at Lucy T Davis in Florence! This will be my 2nd year teaching and I would appreciate absolutely anything!! 💛

Jessica Beck

I’m a teacher at West Florence High!

Renea Tuttle

I teach 3rd grade at Delmae Elementary. This is my 22nd year.

Kim Rezzuti

Hi! We appreciate the SCEA! Thank you for everything you do! I teach 4th grade at Lucy T Davis Elementary

Savanna Young

Hi! Thank you so much to the SCEA for loving on teachers! I am going into my 2nd year of teaching 5th grade at Lucy T. Davis Elementary.

Barbara Fleming Rogers

Thank you for your support of my Middle School English students

Lisa Hawkins

I’m teaching Sp Ed Resource @ Lucy T. Davis Elementary. I need your assistance with materials to stimulate my students reading success and mental well-being. We appreciate any contribution you are able to make. Thank you.

Jenny Sellers Rogers

Thank you for supporting local teachers!


Laura Maher

First year teacher, every little bit helps! Thank you so much!

Denese Tyler

Here is a list of items that would help Yearbook create a great yearbook for the students!

Kelly Russ

Hello! First year teacher teaching 2nd grade! I’m trying to get some books that represent the different languages that will be present in my school community! Thank you ❤️

Elizabeth Whaley

First year educator teaching 4th grade! Beyond excited and thankful for this!

Dani Wood

Thank you for your support.

Amanda Fowler

I would be so grateful for any help buying supplies for my classroom!! Thank you.


Jessie Garner

This is my first year teaching 2nd grade! Thank you so much for helping to support my community of 23 sweet and hard working learners!

Amber Caviness

I'm a teacher at Red Bank Elementary School. I appreciate any support! Thank you so much.

Savannah Hale

First year in special education teacher here. Your support is very much appreciated!

Catherine Faulkenburg

For my students, drama class is a place to feel known. Students in drama class learn everyone's names and have a great time becoming creative! By contributing to this list, students will have more tools for the freedom to express themselves.


Nichole Chestnut-Boatwright

I will be teaching 9th - 12th grade special education self-contained. I am the only teacher in the school district who will be teaching South Carolina High School Credentials program.

Amber Blackmon Smyth

Hi! Going into year 12😍 Back to 5th grade.


Sabrena Martinez

I really appreciate and support given!

Stephanie McFadden

I am not new to teaching, but I am new to the district and Math Intervention! I am loving the new experience and would like some additional resources to support authentic learning experiences in my classroom.

Shannon Rister

Having a MacBook will help me to participate in virtual opportunities to master my ability to deliver high-quality instruction to my students both online and in person.

Abbey Childers

I teach support lab and truly love teaching my students. Any help clearing my list will be greatly appreciated!

Megan Green

Thank you so much for your support!

Pickett Delaqua

I appreciate all and any support.

Joy Jones

Thank you so much for doing this. I am thanking you all in advance.

Taylor Wuerfel

I will be teaching kindergarten this school year in Columbia. I appreciate the support for my students.

Paris Lloyd

First year 3rd grade teacher. Thank you for all of your support!

Karen D Rabon

I teach Spanish in Richland Two! This will be my first year teaching in that district!😊 Thank you for your support.

Cierra Parnell

First year 2nd Grade Teacher at North Springs Elementary ☺️

Christi L Lewis **CLEARED**

I'm an orchestra teacher and I'm trying my hand at wish lists! Thank you for your support.

Margaret Suber

Students are expected to learn using hands-on activities. We use resources very quickly. Any assistance that can be provided would be most appreciated.

Angel Williams

I have a large number of books on my wish list because I would like to provide my students with books that allow them to read about their culture as well as the culture of others. Thank you for your consideration.

Edith Gamble

Help me provide some individual practice for some first graders that could use some additional help with Kindergarten leveled skills.

Regina Dilley

Thank you for considering!


Sydney Josette

I teach Child Development (preschool) We are getting brand new classrooms this year, so I have to change up my engine color scheme. 🤪

Kaneale Cornell, The Midlands-UniServ Director