The Welcome Stairways

The best dinner this side of the Missisippi

The Welcome Stair Ways. The Most ballin spot in the town bro.

Welcome to the Welcome Stairways

The radest diner this side of the Mississippi!

Our Super Fly Menu

1) Coffee*

2) Butterscotch cream pie*

3) Split Pea Soup*

4) Brisket*

5) Grilled Cheese*

6) Braverman Boston Cream Pie

7) GT Stoop Soup

8) Lou Ellen's Eggplant

9) Addie's Avocado

10) Hopes a annoying little Biscuit

11) Gleason Beal's Veal

12) Yuri's Yams

13) Yuri's Russian Ravioli

14) Flo's Fruitcake

15) Miriam's Macaroni

16) Millstone's Mincemeat

Tick-Tock Clock Shop

Come to The Tick Tock Clock Shop if you have the time!

What time is it? Time for you to come to Tick Tock Clock Shop!

Real Fresh Dairy

Ever wonder how Real Fresh Dairy got its name? The first person who ever drank the milk from the dairy cows that are now used in all Real Fresh Dairy Products said "Wow, that's real Fresh!" The name stuck and now the whole world is blessed with Real Fresh Dairy products.
From early times, the Quakers had welcome stairways built in front of there homes in Massachusetts. Theses double stairways descended to the streets from the front door and were symbols of Quaker faith and hospitality- constant reminders that all guests were welcome from whichever way they came.

"I can remember running up the welcome stairways at my house as a boy. My mother always said the symbolized how we much greet whatever changes and difficulties life may bring with firm faith in God. Welcome, Friend from whichever way you've come. May God Richly bless you.


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