Research Mini Mission

Sydney Geiger 9/10 due 3/11

What are the effects of a terrorist takeover on a country?


Pakistan has a lot of effects of a terrorist takeover on their country some effects would be like their people are killed everyday for harmless things such as for what they believe or even their banned from doing things they love like dancing,singing,reading or just the simple thought of going outside to tan or play where as they do not have that option. Firstly in the novel, "I Am Malala" it describes how malala's friend,"She went to put on her dancing Clothes, she returned to dance for them they pulled out a gun and threatened to slit her throat." There in the book Malalas friend was threatened to be killed when all she wanted to do was dance so there she was both banned from doing what she loves and killed for her belief (a harmless thing). In addition another citation was,"The first went through my left eye socket and under my shoulder," Malala states how she was shot and where again she was almost killed for what she believes from the Taliban all she wanted was education for girls. Lastly,"So many bodies had been left there that people started calling it bloody square," in the novel "I Am Malala" states another example how people everyday are just thrown there in the "bloody square" for things we don't know but the Taliban is making there environment where bodies are just thrown in a square. For the second effect of being banned from what they love such as a citation from "I Am Malala","Fazlullah closed DVD shops." In that citation it shows how one person can just take over power and he did by taking away DVD shops so people couldn't by movies and most likely not watch them. Another example was," Fazlullah closed beauty beauty polors and banned shaving." People could not look clean cut they had to look like they were apart of Talib so everyone had been banned from looking how they wanted they had to look how Fazlullah wanted. Then,"My mother and her friends were upset about not being able to go shopping." So again her mom liked shopping but that was banned so they couldn't ( banned from what they love).


Just like Pakistan India also has a lot of effects also from terrorist takeover on their country for reasons such as many people are killed/blown up for harmless things an example from "New York Times" was "Mumbai Pakistani members bombing attack which drew widespread global condemnation began Novemeber 26 ending November 29 killing 164 people and wounding 308," like Pakistans Talib kills people everyday what they believe so does Indias terrorist. Another citation from New York Times," The Chhatrpati Shivaji Terminus was attacked by two gun men, attackerskilled additional 58 people injuring 104 others," That piece from the article demonstrates how gun men went killing and injuring people with no reason to referring back to how people get killed everyday for no reasons. Lastly from Cnn," Two explosions in Taxis by timer bombs killing the driver and passenger." There was no explanation on why the bomber did so. More effects on terrorist takeover on a country are things being banned like Pakistans Pashtuns in India there are many like an article from ABC news," Censoring swear words such as Ghanta,haramipana,haram ke pille in Bollywood." Just like the United States we can curse and say "swear words as we wish they can no longer not so if they do use them words often their not permitted to anymore. In addition another ABC article was about,"Ban on parties in Karnataka with foreign invites unless it's under police supervision." Parties are common in the U.S. Whether your celebrating somthing or just having a party for fun in India they have to be supervised by police which can be safer to prevent drunk driving but imagine having a party with supervision like your a first grader wouldn't be as fun. Moreover some meat was banned so what if you had a favorite meat and could never eat it again that's what it feels like in India, " Ban on beef Maharshtra." Over all think about being banned from all things you love or being blown up walking to school it happens all over everyday.


Would you want to be killed for what you believe maybe it's mermaids maybe it's God ...or having crucial punishment for wanting to read well that's two effects of terrorist takeover on a country in Yemen. New York Times has an article explaining,"30 dead in Khor Makar in Aden and Unicef delieversmedicK supplies by boat," the damage of the bodies must have been really bad they had to help the biddies by boat so for their choice of belief they have to be injured and killed."Six of the popular resistance killed and wounded in heavy clashes in Al Zour district west of Marib." with citation from an ABC news article the people were wounded badly in heavy clashes for no reason just because that's what the terrorist wanted. Lastly in an interview one of the victim states," Home? What's home,it's all gone we are refuges in our own country," citizens in Yemen are feeling in danger in there own country scared to be injured or killed cause it's going on so commonly to be killed for no reason. Finally Punishment for nothing is another effect on takeover of terrorism. Abc news exposed an article with," she the victim was arrested for allegedly planning attack back," imagine you being threatened in any way and wanting revenge but being held captive because it wasn't fair what they did...Yemen is having a similar problem. "Yemenis gather to watch a Yemeni solider execute a man lying face down on a red carpet." Being killed in front of crowds is how u want to be remembered? That is common way to punish someone for something the terrorist do not agree with which is a brutle way. And another example would be "Atleast 137 people were killed and 357 wounded suicidle bombers." Wounded and killed for what you believe is ridiculous but that's everyday life in Yemen which people do not deserve.terroist takeover on a country could change a lot with many effects to come with it such as the examples listed.

Overall Understanding

Through researching and discovering the following three countries and how effected countries could be due to terrorist takeover on a country there are many terrorism attacks going on world wide and having effects of being banned from what you love and being killed continuously for harmless things. We try everyday to make a difference in our world our power is stronger than the words of any over powering leader...take a stand for what you believe and you can make a difference like malala!