A Wrongful Overthrow

The Final Breath Of A Monarchy


There were many events that led to the overthrow of the Hawaiian government. President Grover Cleveland actually did not support the overthrow but Minister John L. Stevens and President William McKinley did support the overthrow.

Historical Significance

What made these men's influence on how Hawaii became an American property to state so significant is how President Cleveland opposed it but Minister Stevens was able to persuade more Americans to turn Hawaii to an American property. Then it was finalized by President McKinley with the joint resolution.

Is Hawaii Legally and Lawfully a state of the Union?

Depending on how your mind thinks and how you feel about these events, there are those who believe it was legal and those who think it is illegal. For me I do think it was illegal but in the long run I think it may have been beneficial for Hawaii a little bit since it is under such a strong nation like Hawaii other nations are not trying to take it over.


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