The Rocket Report

Your Guide to Connecting Wellness into Your Home

2019: New Year, New Resource!

Parents often wonder how they can bring health and wellness ideas that their children are learning in school into their home. The Rocket Report strives to do just that; with tips, activities, news, and more with the help of our School Counselor, PE teachers, and School Nurse! Each month Mrs. Slacin, Mr. Ramirez, Mr. Walis, and Mrs. LoPiccolo will provide parents with a variety of ideas and information that you can try at home looking at children's social and emotional well being, physical fitness, nutrition, and health. We hope you enjoy this new resource!

Hat, Socks, and Glove Collection

Thank you to everyone who generously donated to the December collection of hats, socks and gloves for Strengthen Our Sisters. You made many children's holiday warm and cozy.We received a heartwarming Thank You letter from Omni Dayschool/SOS who received your donations stating, "What an incredible bounty of gloves, hats, and scarves you brought for the children. We were just amazed. Your school children's generous spirit is incredible! Thank you so much for all the love, time, and energy you put into selecting the gifts for each child. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping make their Christmas morning special and their winter warm."

Yoga Pose

The Star Power Pose of the Month is a way to integrate the Word of the Month with a yoga pose. Teachers and Students have access to the monthly yoga poses that they use during Rocket Recharge or in P.E. and Health. Some benefits of yoga include improved flexibility, increased strength and muscle tone as well as better concentration and boost of energy. Below is the Chameleon Pose that can be done with a partner!

Movement of the Month

This is something brand new that we are starting that can show parents at home a quick exercise or activity that the child, parents and even siblings can do together to increase physical activity time. Most of the movements will require minimal to no equipment and can be done indoors in case of inclement or cold weather. Try out this month’s exercise, the Star Jump!