Three Ways To and To Not Overcome Stress


Let's face it; We've all stressed over something in our lives, weather it's not getting something done on time, having way to many things going on at once, etc. We all try to overcome it, but we often don't know how. So here are three things you should and should not do to overcome your stress.

Three Ways To Overcome Your Stress

Get Enough Rest

A very important thing to do is to get enough sleep. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA), your body requires more rest when it is stressed. So maybe try going to bed earlier, getting up later, or even taking a nap in sometime in the day.


Another way to overcome your stress is to talk to people. Especially with friends and family, this can let you tell them what's stressing you out, and they can give you their advice. Also, you might discover similar stressful situations that you have in common with a person, and then you can work as a team to overcome that stress.

Only Try to Do What You Can Do

If what you're stressed over is a test or an assignment, just do what you can do on it. "Instead of aiming for perfection, which isn't possible, be proud of however close you get," (ADAA). This tip to overcoming leads in to another tip of how not to overcome stress. Overachieving.

Three Ways Not To Overcome Your Stress


Overachieving is a sure-fire way to increase stress. Overachieving is when you do more than you need to do. This can be a good thing, but not always, especially when you are already stressed. Overachieving makes you put more effort into your work, giving you more things to stress about. So only do what you need to do.

Blaming Others

Saying, "It's his fault that this is happening!" or, "I wouldn't be in this situation if it wasn't for her!" isn't the way to relieve your stress. Let's face it; most likely it's you that is causing your stress. Blaming others only angers yourself and the person you're blaming, which then only causes argument and disagreement. Instead, find things you are doing that are keeping you from overcoming your stress.

Being Lazy

Don't be lazy when you are stressed. Being lazy gives you more opportunity to think about whatever is stressing you. And from my experience, thinking about what is stressing you can give lead your mind to more things that you will stress about. So instead, move. Moving gives you something to do to keep your mind off of your stress (Robinson).


We all will be stressed over something sometime in our lives. If you want to overcome that stress, don't overachieve, blame others, or be lazy. These things only add to your stress. Instead, get enough rest, talk with peers, and most of all, only do what you have to do. Following these tips will lead you to be more confident in yourself and open to challenges in life.

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