Curriculum Corner Winter 2019

From the Desk of Kelly Harmon, Director of Curriculum, MCVSD

Diving Deeply into Year 2 of Our Curriculum Redesign Initiative: Moving from Good to Great

While many teachers were still enjoying their summer vacation, some teachers decided to get a head start on redesigning their curriculum by volunteering to attend the UbD workshop on August 6, 2019 at BTHS. Instructors of various disciplines came together to unpack standards, design essential questions and learn how to truly plan with a purpose. They were then given time to apply the conceptual UbD framework to a current curricular unit and import it into Rubicon/Atlas.

The next day, our district's curriculum coaches met with Dr. Hite, a professional learning education consultant who specializes in curriculum development and strategic assessment strategies, to discuss how to coach and guide teachers as they begin to create a living curriculum.

Later that month on Aug. 27th, Dr. Hite met with administrators and the Fall & Spring curriculum cohorts to not only take them through the curriculum design process but to share John Hattie's work from Visible Learning for Literacy to show them how teacher efficacy and a viable curriculum positively affects student growth.

The Fall '19 Cohort is Established & Trained During the October Staff Day

Over 25 teachers came together at the Career Center during the October 14th Staff Day to learn more about the Understanding by Design (UbD) framework. They spent the morning applying the three stages of UbD to their specific content area and reflecting on their assessment practices. Teachers were then guided through the Rubicon/Atlas platform.

Curriculum Coaches Meet to Discuss Curriculum Initiative

Most recently on December 4, the curriculum coaches and I met at the Culinary Education Center over dinner to discuss common assessment concerns, work session dates and curriculum revision expectations. They are busy helping to facilitate release time, establishing cohorts and answering their colleagues' questions. Please do not hesitate to reach out to them with any concerns.
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Honoring Teachers Dedicated to Curriculum Work

Dr. Ford and I are recognizing teachers who have been instrumental in initiating curriculum changes! We recently honored Joan Lynch (AAHS) and Cameron DiCostanzo (AAHS) for being the first teacher team to redesign their Alternative Medicine curriculum in Rubicon/Atlas and submit for BOE approval.

Be on the look out! You could be next!

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UbD Training Part I

Monday, Jan. 13th 2020 at 7:30am


This all day training is for teachers who have not been trained yet on UbD and Rubicon/Atlas and would like to join the Winter '20 cohort.