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Week 4 - David and Sexual Sin

We're looking forward to Thursday!

Lauren and I were so blessed to have shared the evening with many of you on Thursday. We are always energized and encouraged by your friendship. We're excited to be together again this Thursday and discuss a difficult yet important message on sexual sin and purity through the vehicle of David's affair with Bathsheba. I hope that we are at a point where we can discuss these issues openly and with a certain level of vulnerability, as we live in a society in which sex permeates so much of our interactions with culture--and this calls us to action to keep ourselves and those we love from falling into the trap set by sexual impurity.

We'll serve dinner as usual this week; feel free to bring a side or dessert if you'd like! Check in with Lauren (440-708-6874) to see what you can bring.

Love you guys. Hope to see you Thursday.


Hope Group Week 4

Thursday, Oct. 29th, 6pm

848 Southbridge Boulevard

Brunswick, OH

Sermon Questions

Here are some questions we'll be looking at from the sermon this week:

1. What is the significance of this story recorded for us in the Bible?

2. Why does the author give us such detail about King David being home in Jerusalem?

3. What are the consequences from David’s actions in this chapter and even later in 2nd Samuel?

4. What is God’s perspective on David’s actions?

5. What are the challenges for us to pursue purity in such a sex saturated culture?

Prayer Requests

We want to be able to pray well for each other! If you have prayer requests, please let the group know, and we'll cover your requests in prayer.

Here are some ways we can pray for each other this week. We can pray...

  • ...for Katie's best friend, who is going through a difficult time with family.
  • ...for Jonny and Jess as they adjust to married life! Woohoo!
  • ...for all of us to exist in a state of worship--not to turn it on or off, but to do all things as an act of worship to God.

Last but not least

If you wanted to relive the MWS greatness from Thursday night...
Michael W. Smith - Secret Ambition

We hope to see you Thursday!