5th Grade Science

Hallsville Intermediate

Common Assessment #3

This Thursday, November 19 we will be having Common Assessment #3 over Space Science. Your child has received a review sheet to take home and study. The following topics will be covered on Thursday's assessment:

  • Physical features of the Earth, Moon and Sun (how they are alike and different)
  • Earth rotates on its axis causing day/night, apparent movement of the sun from East to West, and the movement of shadows during the day
  • Earth revolves in an orbit around the sun every 365 days or 1 year
  • The order of the planets
  • The moon revolves in an orbit around the Earth every 28 days (or about 1 month) causing the phases of the moon. (They need to be able to look at the moon before and after and predict the moon that comes between)
  • The Earth has daily tides (usually 2 high and 2 low a day)

Revolve vs. Rotate

Students MUST know the difference between rotate and revolve. The Earth rotates, or spins, on its axis every 24 hours. The Earth revolves, or orbits, the sun every 365 days. Many students are still have trouble differentiating between the 2 concepts. Below are some videos you and your child can watch to help them with the concept. There is also a strategy we use in class to help us remember:

RAD = Rotate Axis Day

ROY = Revolve Orbit Year

Science Instructional Strategy--Rotate and Revolve
Earth's Rotation & Revolution: Crash Course Kids 8.1


Stemscopes is an online science program which we use some in class, but your child can login from home and use it as well. I have assigned some space science activities to each child that they can do at home to help review if you have internet access.

Their username is their first and last initial plus their lunch id. The password is the same as their username. Please e-mail me and ask for your child's username and password if they are having trouble signing in.