Vote for Alexander Hamilton

Maybe the better side!!! Less debts or more debts?!

Founder- Alexander Hamilton

He was the founder of the federalists party. As the secretary of the treasury taking the lead of the nation's debts by the federal government- towards the establishment of a national bank, a system of tariffs/ with also having a good trade with Britain.!

National bank to less debts!

As for having the idea of a national bank there can be less debts. When leading the the treasury department there could and would be less debts for the nation. With the war and the whiskey rebellion- to unfair taxation!!! There needs to be a national bank!!!

Our main issues of the time!

How United states was before to now !!!

The united states before had so many territories had some states!!! It was just a mess of people's thinking and beliefs- there was party's of people (federalists and Democratic- Republicans) Now look how our state is now after all that happened before we are now a free country and have our rights!!!