The Princess and the Fish

By: Annabelle Tate

The Princess and the fish

One day, a princess ,who had been kept inside her whole life, wandered in to the woods. She was very beautiful but there was one problem... she couldn't speak. While she was exploring, she found a small pond. She began looking at herself in the water thinking about how she hated herself for not being able to speak. Then a fish popped out of the startled her so much that she rolled right in to the pond making her white dress brown. She was very upset, and didn't know how to tell her father what had happened. The fish appeared again, he began to speak. He said,"What is such a beautiful girl doing in the woods crying." She looked up and stopped crying she picked up a rock and wrote in the mud that she wondered off, she also explained that she couldn't talk but she really wanted to. Then fish grinned, then he said,"I can give you a voice if you give me your beauty." She wrote OK in the mud. Then the princess got her wish. She started speaking to see what her voice sounded like. She was terrified, her voice sounded like a dying duck's voice. She decided to look in the water to see what she looked liked after the fish took her beauty. She began crying again. She looked even worse then she sounded. She looked around for the mean fish, but he was no where in sight. The princess got up and ran home to tell her dad. She ran all over the castle trying to find him, she finally found him in the kitchen. She said," Father, I ran in to the woods and this fish promised me a voice, I got a voice but it sounds bad and now I am no longer beautiful." She realized how silly that sounded after she said that. Her father responded," My daughter wears white silk dresses not brown, she can't speak, and she is very beautiful." He kicked her out not believing her. She ran into the woods and lived there for the rest of her life. Now she knows don't take things for granted.


Be grateful for what you have.
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