Collins Elementary

Daily BULLetin!

WHO's not here today?

Geena Ramage in for Haarberg
Seilhamer in for Muse (long term)
J.Seilhamer (NO Sub as of yet)

Jamie Rowland in for Closser

Bandy Langley in for Tierney

Liz Cripe (NO SUB)
Michael Creusere in for Glass
Charles Smith in for P.Henry
Pam Boles (NO SUB)
Cindy Sutter (NO Sub)
Amy Collins


Dates on the Horizon... So you're in the KNOW!

11th- K registration (4:30 - 7:30)
13th- School House Symphony 3rd grade
19th- 4th/5th grade to Mann Elementary (9:15 - 11:30)
20th- 4:30 Parent / teacher conferences
20th- Girl Zone 3:40 - 5:00
21st- Quarterly Assembly
25th- Spring Pictures

26th- 3rd-5th grade Hygiene TALK (library)
27th- 5th grade goes to Frankfort
27th- COSI (Incredible Human Body)
27th- Girl Zone 3:40-5
28th- Swim Fitness (Pellerin)
31st- 5th grade Dollars and Sense in the GYM

2nd- 3rd grade Wax Museum
- Risk Watch Post tests due to FRC

4th- 2nd grade to Children's Museum 11-2

7th-11th - SPRING BREAK
24th- Playhouse in the park- K-2 @ 1:45
25th- AR Store


Assessment Modifications

Tip: Assess EL students according to what they can do rather than what they cannot do.

Standardized tests or even teacher-created tests can’t always measure EL students’ progress accurately or authentically. Instead, measure students by what they can do at any point in time,

Technique: Modify the tests you give.

Avoid test questions asking for discrete information

Make a simplified language version of the test
Simplify instructions
Provide word banks
Give students extra time to complete tests
Give students objective tests: matching, multiple choice, etc. Make all or part of the exam oral.

Heads Up...

We are SERIOUSLY DOWN STAFF in the office. Please be aware of this when you are trying to contact someone. Admin will be helping out the ladies as much as we can today.

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