Stellar Guide

How To Use a Stellar and Identify The Elements In Stars

How It Works

Each gas is able to absorb specific colors and whatever color it can't absorb is what color is reflected back to you. For example if you see a green leaf it means the chemicals in the leaves are unable to absorb the color green. That's why when you us a spectroscope, the colors that you see are the ones that cant be absorb so you can then compare those colors to those of specific chemicals, resulting in knowing what chemical a star may contain.

How To Use A Spectroscope

Step 1: Look through the opening and aline the little opening on the left side of the spectroscope with the star or whatever lightforce your viewing.

Step 2: once you have the light lined up, look to the right and you will see a scale with the numbers 4-7(400-700) those numbers represent the wavelength.

Step 3: After seeing the numbers look to see what colors you see and what numbers there near(it is possible to see all the colors of the rainbow) right down what colors you saw and what numbers they appeared by

Step 4: Compare they colors and numbers you've seen to those known of gases.

Examples of Chemicals and The Colors They Absorb

Guarented to help you identify the gases in stars

If I see all the colors of the rainbow, how am i supposd to know what gas it is? Answer: If you see all the colors that just means that, the specific light source your looking at contains all the gases needed to view the full rainbow