Miss Linehan's All About Me Flyer

All About Me

Hi everyone! My name is Ellen Linehan. I am a student at MTSU for Early Childhood Education. I hope to one day teach four year olds and possibly kindergarten! I currently teach a four year old class on Sunday mornings at church and I love it. I love my family and friends! I also have two dogs that I adore. I enjoy finding new things to do, hiking, and hanging out with friends in my spare time.

A little more about me:

My Daily Life

I have been a full time babysitter for five years. Thankfully, I get many opportunities from parents of children in my class and overtime has led to many referrals. I babysit for around seven different families a week, 2-3 families a day. This has given me so much beneficial experience on how to interact with children. I've learned many lessons from being around kids all day, every day, but I know I have so much left to learn.