University of South Carolina Mar 13

College Tour of USC Columbia

University of South Carolina Columbia

Monday, March 13th, 9am

899 Sumter Street

Columbia, SC

Join us in touring the University of South Carolina.

Please navigate to Sumter Street, near the intersection with College Street. 899 Sumter Street is an approximate address that will bring you close to the location using GPS. Please note, your vehicle will need to be traveling northbound on Sumter Street, so you can pull to the right side and unload your students onto the Horseshoe, eliminating the need for your students to cross the street. The Horseshoe is the black gated area with many trees, at the intersection of Sumter Street and College Street. Students can walk from the bottom of the Horseshoe to the top of the Horseshoe where our Visitor Center is located in McKissick Museum. Driver must remain with the vehicle at all times while in this location and then move to the parking location after the students have exited the vehicle.

Parking is located off of Barnwell Street between Gervais and Washington Streets, near 1300 Barnwell Street. Follow these directions to locate the parking lot: from the drop off location, head northbound on Sumter Street and take a right onto Gervais Street. Follow Gervais Street to Barnwell Street and take a left onto Barnwell Street. Follow Barnwell Street and you will notice a parking lot on your left. Look for the sign that says USC Parking. Driver must remain with the vehicle at all times while in this location.
Your driver may follow the unloading instructions and return to the Horseshoe to load students at the conclusion of your visit.