Friday Focus

April 4, 2014

When will spring arrive and stay?

It seems like spring gets here for a couple of days, then disappears! Hopefully, it will return this weekend and stay for awhile.

I enjoyed hearing Father's homily today. It reminded me to be thankful for the things that I have and not dwell on the things I don't have or cant control.

Thank you for meeting with Connie and Renee (and thanks to Connie and Renee, too!) regarding how you use technology and how you'd like to use technology in your classrooms. One thing I overheard in some of those meetings was where to find new/different apps. I know Connie provided some ideas from Lisa Pospisil, but there's also a TON here from CybraryMan!

I know CybraryMan's pages ("Top 10" this and "Best 20" that) can seem a little overwhelming, but pick one of his links and see if you can find something that you'd like to learn more about. Then, research it and try it out in your class. If it works, let us all know about it! If it doesn't, no one else will know!!

Other thoughts....

Thank you to the first grade teachers for submitting their checklists for writing!! I am enjoying reading them! If you still have questions about what/how to complete this writing assessment, please check with a Writing Committee member.

Thank you to those of you who have returned your contracts to teach at Norfolk Catholic next year. Those are due back to me by April 14.

We are still working on finalizing some language in our Faculty Handbooks. We should have those to you by April 11.

I did put the newest issue of Today's Catholic Teacher in your mailboxes today.

Let's continue to work with our students and families to make this a great final seven weeks! They are our stakeholders and they can be our biggest allies. If they are having a positive experience at Norfolk Catholic, you can bet that they're telling their friends that. You can also bet they are telling them if their experience is not positive.

Make sure we're following up on complaints on the playground, but also make sure we are telling parents when their kids are doing great things. We don't tell them that enough.

Speaking of communication, I am seeing more and more of your (and my) tweets being retweeted by others, including our parents. Keep tweeting and encouraging your parents to follow you and #norfolkcatholic!

Have a wonderful weekend! Pray for the 2nd graders as they celebrate their First Holy Communion on Sunday.

Next Week:

Sunday, April 6 First Holy Communion

Monday, April 7 Men's Stag

Wednesday, April 9 NCHS players present "Willy Wonka" at 2:30 in Activity Center

3:30pm Staff Meeting

Friday, April 11 Jeans Day

Kindergarten Round Up--1:00pm

Family Envelope Goes Home

Willy Wonka performance--7:00pm at Johnny Carson Theater

Saturday, April 12 Willy Wonka performance--7:00pm at Johnny Carson Theater