MAP Examiner's Training

April 5, 2018

Let's ROCK this test!

Our attitudes about the way we prep and prepare our students is as important as the content we teach them. It's time to get serious about test prep. The test taking strategies are as important as the content. Be calm, be positive, be prepared! We can do this!
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Important Test Taking Information

A Walk through the Examiner’s Manual

  • Assessment sequence on page 10

  • Universal Tools and accommodations on pages 13-26

  • Use and discuss training videos

Importance of Tutorials and Practice Tests

  • Page 28-ALL must watch Online Training Tools- students should watch at least once more before the test- and take the practice tests. (Not a bad idea for all test administrators to take a practice test too.)

  • Be sure students know how to read and use the Review/End Test page

    • Students miss items because of the vertical scroll bar

  • Be sure to look at appendix A: Item Types (pages 57-58)

Before Testing

  • Students MAY USE Appendix B (p. 59-66): keyboard shortcuts and icons page during the test. COPY for students.

  • Instructional materials must be removed or covered.

  • Room set up must be done with test security in mind- not just side by side, but so that those behind others can’t see screens.

What will test day look like?

  • Test Tickets- pick up in the office

  • Two-three sessions (grade 3 and 5); two-four sessions for grade 4

  • “Pause” feature vs. Break

  • Required materials: scratch paper/grid paper, pencils, headphones,

  • “Ending Test Sessions” - page 45-46

    • Tests are NOT timed.

During Testing

  • Headphones are required for all students in session 3 of ELA. All students receiving text to speech universal tool will need headphones for all portions of all tests.

  • Students should have access to scratch paper for note taking for all sessions of ELA and math.

  • Test examiner MUST read the scripts for administering the tests (page 37-44)

  • Test examiners may read/pronounce one word per sentence to any student.

Testing Security

Test Security

  • Script begins on page 37

    • Adhere strictly to the script.

  • “Both written and verbal discussion of specific MAP Grade-Level Assessment items breach security and integrity of the test.”

  • Quality Assurance Visits?

  • Non-Disclosure Agreement

  • After testing

    • Turn in test tickets, scratch paper in the brown envelope at the end of the day’s testing.

    • Turn in Test Administration Manual when you have completed testing

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Watch me test (Whip/Nae Nae testing parody)
HandClap Testing Parody
Shake It Off Testing Parody