Norfolk Junior High

By: Hailie Frerichs

Favorite app

My favorite app is Instagram. Instagram is about following people and looking at people’s pictures. Some people like and comment on other people’s pictures. There is some people who misuse the app if they post inappropriate pictures or comments. If you want to use Instagram just sign up, then find people and follow them. Be careful on who you follow because there are some weird people out in this world. Instagram is a way to embrace your feelings.

movie review


The queen gets pushed to the limit. She runs away and the other sister runs after her. The queen strikes her with powers in the heart. Kristoph comes to kiss her. Anna sees that Prince Hans is going to kill Elsa. Anna goes and turns into ice and saves her sister.When her sister sees it, she is crying on Anna and the only way to save her is by true love. Anna and Elsa have a true love because they are close sisters. Elsa saves her sister and unfreezes her. Then Kristoph and Anna kiss.

nursery rhyme

On Saturday June 21st Humpty had a soccer game in Columbus in the North part. Humpty and his soccer buddies were taking a break from the game.They went to get snacks and came back and sat on a wall. Humpty saw a green slimy frog and got frightened and fell off of the wall and broke his leg. They had to call the Clumsy Rescue. The doctors could not put Humpty's leg back together in surgery. He was out of soccer for the rest of his life.


Hailie started working on her family's farm.Then she decided that was not enough, so she wanted to play soccer. She graduated for Norfolk Nigh. She now goes to the Universal Soccer Academy. She was wanted on the Olympic soccer team. She has one of the longest careers running for the soccer team. Her career ended when she was 30-years-old. Hailie had a great career.Then she moved to New Jersey and became a lawyer. She is now married with two children. She lives in a three-story house with 12 bedrooms and a hot tub and a pool. Her children are homeschooled by Cameron Boyce her husband. Hailie had a great career.