The Dollhouse Murders

Author: Betty Ren Right


when a girl finds out a family secret and finds a dollhouse in an attic will she be able to confront the secrets that lay ahead
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Who was the murder the grandparents of aunt clare

anut clare was 18 when her grandparents were murdered by the killer but who was the killer and why did he/she kill the grangdparents read the book and find out who the killer was
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The Ghost

Aunt Clare said that a ghost maybe what is move the doll around so much but she says that the ghost maybe her grandmothers ghost hunts the dollhouse to mess with her
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The Author's bio

the author betty ren right was born on June 15, 1927 in wakefield, MI and died on december 31, 2013


the book was great and i think you should go and read it thank you for reading my page