Get Whitt it!

If you call one wolf, you invite the pack.

Wolf Howl tomorrow!

Remember that I'd like to start right at 7:45, and we're Shannon-less! Weeeeeeee!

Early voting begins next week!

This is an election cycle that could see real damage to public education! The power to build up our public schools for generations to come or to increase the chances that children will not have a ‘free and public education’ is in your hands as voters.

In most cases, electing candidates who support our children will be completed in the Primary Election. Because so few people vote in the primaries, every vote counts. Your vote will make a difference!

Find out who your candidates are for the Texas House and Senate and the Texas Supreme Court then consider finding out how they answer some of these questions:

  • How do you support public education? (Not, “Do you support education?” Or even, “Do you support public education?”)
  • Do you support vouchers?
  • Do you support a tax credit plan? (that would decrease the amount of funds available to public schools)
  • Do you support giving private schools access to public funds (or money from tax credits) to private schools? They should say, “No!”
  • Do you support a defined benefit plan for all current and future TRS retirees?
  • Do you support providing reasonable, affordable, quality healthcare for TRS retirees and future?
  • What will you do as my legislator to ensure that the TRS pension fund and TRS–Care health insurance program are preserved and improved?
  • And, if you are feeling frisky, ask them where their own children attend school. Do they attend a public, private or home school? This question will tell you where their allegiance will lie.

We host the voting here next week, so that makes it even easier to get your vote IN! If you need to leave during a conference time or a bit early to go vote, PLEASE let me know and you can do so! I'll also offer a jeans pass if you text me your "I voted!" sticker!

I'm asking nicely...

Thursday folder information needs to go home on Thursdays. It is important that we are consistent classroom to classroom with information...even more so given how many connected families we have!

Staff development for Monday

Our day will run 8-4. Chiloso orders are due to Patty by Friday afternoon, $7 a person. YUM! We'll start the day with STAAR training as a whole staff from 8-9. Then K-2 will go to Smith to look at intentional planning with technology over the next couple of months. 3-4 will have the checkpoint reflections to complete as well as their intervention plans.

MOY data looks really good, very comparable in most places to last year. I know several of you were frustrated and wanted to see bigger gains, but WE HAVE TIME. We're still going to make this happen. We have the BEST teachers, and the BEST we're going to FOCUSED and INTENTIONAL in making our success happen!

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Fab Fridays!

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Don't forget! Tomorrow when you come in, you will find one half of a celebrity couple on your white board! Your goal is to find your match! When you are BOTH here and can bring me down your match, do so! First 3 matches get a delicious treat...not telling you what it is, "bundt" I think you'll love it!!


It's that time of year! Contracts will be out soon and I am already hearing rumblings about next year. Looking at our numbers we will have to make some changes based on sections. If you are/have been interested in making any changes, or have alternative plans for the next year, please stop by and have a chat! Before we move into full-blown hiring season, I'd like have a grasp of where we stand.

Patty's Pontifications

Happy birthday to YOU!

Feb 10- Allen Wade

Feb 14- Dyann Humphreys

Feb 19- Cindy Hipes

Feb 27- Tracie Gainnie

Calendar Comings

Feb. 15- Staff Development, February board meeting

Feb. 16-

Feb. 17- Wylie Way meeting after-school, PLC; leaders (Only the crew that attended the PLC leadership Institute, please)

Feb. 18- Spring Fundraiser Kick Off, AP meeting

Feb. 19-

Feb. 20- #EDCAMPAWESOME in Royse City, CPE credit available; Gala at Southfork for Education Foundation