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I’m obsessed with Evernote. It has allowed me to organize my 'all over the place' thoughts, be more productive in my daily life and even scale my business. In this class I’ll show you a whole new approach to productivity focused on simplicity and longevity using Evernote.

After taking this class, you'll be able to create a personal system that works perfectly just for you, allowing you to spend less time managing your work, and more time getting work done and living your best life! Join free today -

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They have tons of great classes on everything from productivity to adulting so you may just want to stick around.

Our Evernote Servicing

For the past 10 years my agency has been using, teaching and helping companies roll out Evernote, Evernote Business and Custom Evernote Workflows. We are proud that Evernote Consulting and Deployment has become a very active line of our business. Our most recent client for an Evernote Deployment is News America Marketing, a subsidiary of NewsCorp.

Interested in learning more about Evernote and/or rolling Evernote and its integrations out in your firm? Learn more about our servicing and get in touch. We are Evernote Certified Consultants.

Something Free

I've written over 5 popular books on Evernote. From how to use Evernote to manage your personal health or clients' health (for Medical professionals) to how to use Evernote to replace your $2500/ month marketing and distribution tool and/ or CRM.

'Evernote for Sharing' is an oldie but a goodie. Grab this free book on how to use Evernote for marketing and check out my other books here.

Last - A few offers!

1. My Books - I have a number of books on a range of topics for the small business. They are low-cost and are available here.

2. Consultations - My Skype consultations are $100 per hour and touch on a myriad of topics. In person consultations are $125. Write me at to book your consult today.

3. Workshops - I am available for workshops at your company, or organization. Please contact me at or below to discuss.

4. Social Media - Feel free to follow me and reach out to me on my social channels. I'm always in the social ethos and love to help online so that other business can benefit as well. Connect with me below.