West News Update

January 2019

Responsibility with Devices

Our start to the year with devices for each student has been a success. Students are using their laptops throughout their school day in various ways to show their learning. Staff and students continue to expand the platforms they are learning to use. This is deepening learning through new experiences online.

With the devices comes responsibility. This is one of the 4-R's that we reference as a value at West for our community. Students exhibit responsibility with their device when they:

  • charge their device nightly
  • carry it in a back pack or sleeve as they move about the building
  • use it appropriately and are on task during instruction
  • keep food and drink away from the device
  • bring their device EVERY day to school

Your support of device responsibility at home is an important part of this value for students. Here are ways to do this:

  • identify a charging location outside of their sleeping area
  • dedicate a specific time and area for homework to be completed and the device used
  • limit screen time
  • remind your child to bring their device daily to school

We encourage you to visit www.commonsensemedia.org/ for valuable information, tips, ideas for parents and students with technology. If you have questions, please call the school office.

Ms. Duby


We are behind you Sam!

Recently our beloved custodian, Sam, was diagnosed with cancer. Our students and staff greeted Sam on the day before the holiday break with a heart warming send off prior to his surgery. The entire West community let Sam know that we are behind him and will be supporting him through his battle with cancer. We love you Sam! Get well soon!

We are raising funds for Sam to help him with medical bills through various fundraisers. If you would like to become involved, talk with your student or call the school office.

The heart that our students and staff show to one another is incredibly touching. We are proud of our West Dawgs.