Come to Snowhaven for a taste of the North

Have you ever?

Have you ever wanted to have 4 feet of snow on an average winter day? Have you ever wanted to go skiing for fun? Have you ever wanted to have your own school stadium? Have you ever wanted to have a colder climate? If any of these apply to you then you belong in Snowhaven. But how is this place different from anywhere else. Well you're about to find out.

There's TONS of Places to Be!

In our community there's so many activities, shopping, and places to be! Including, Starbucks, Chipotle, Home Depot, public library, McDonalds, Kroger, Giant Eagle, Game Stop, Porsche Dealership, Mike's Car Wash, United Dairy Farmers, Apple Store and so much more! If those retails didn't interest you then enjoy the outdoors with the town square, the nature preservation, and the snowy fun in the winter. Snowhaven is a snowy fun-filled place with tons of activities, shopping, and places to be!

A Great Place to Live!

Snowhaven targets to supply a community to upper class families with kids with some middle class families. We have no apartments because we want families with kids to live in our community. We have lots of shops and entertainment to please families with kids. Also, we have a university so we have a mix of college students and upper class families with kids. So, come buy a house in Snowhaven today!

Roman ideas incorporated into our community

In Snowhaven there are many different forms of Roman culture. We have concrete for strong structures and roads for traveling systems. Our community also has aqueducts for a fresh water source. A heating system for a healthy living style.

Ancient cultural science and math in Snowhaven

In Rome there were plenty uses for science. We have decided to apply them to our community. The Romans invented astronomy so; we put an astronomy tower for the public. Also they invented anatomy, the study of the human body. The Romans also invented machines which can be used in our community as extra workers and projects. The Romans made cranes for carrying heavy objects. Another thing the Romans invented was military weapons. We will not have these so that we can welcome in people without frightening them.

In Rome there were uses for math in calculations and geometry. In our community we use calculators which are also used by Romans. We also have geometry and Pythagoras which were used and helpful for the Roman empire. We can use their studies of math and apply it to our daily uses of architecture and engineering. By doing this we can make calculations faster and more precise. Our community would benefit greatly from Roman math.

The people behind the ideas of literature and history

Literature is used in some of the same ways the Romans did. We have plays for actors and entertainment, and we have books for reading. These concepts are used in the same way the Romans used it.

In history we have a library which records all of the historical events of Snowhaven. We also have a news team that can show all things that happen in the city of Snowhaven.

Entertaiment in Snowhaven

In our community we have entertainment based on many different Roman entertainments. We use the basics of the Roman entertainment in our daily life so why not in the community. In Rome they had a coliseum for fights and reenactments. We have a stadium for sports, banquets, music festivals, etc. In Rome they had theater for plays. In our community we have movie theaters and acting theaters. We use these to impress the public and to keep them happy.


In Snowhaven there are many different types of engineering. A few of these ways include the aqueducts, a heating system, and roads. With these we can help the everyday lifestyle be better. We also incorporated the use of the arch which makes structures stronger. What building could reach the sky without concrete, and with the invention of the Romans we can use concrete in everyday structures.

The Artistic side of Snowhaven

In art, we have nice statues showing the founders. For art we also have nice columns with pretty designs. Snowhaven has nice mosaics in the religious places of worship. Also in the town square there is a nice glorious pavilion.

In our Roman-Greco community, we will incorporate ideas of architecture. In our community we will make realistic statues next to or in government buildings. We will also use arches, pillars, and columns in the government buildings. Moreover, we will have some courtyards instead of all houses.

The Government and Law of Snowhaven

Our Government is a democracy. The people vote for a representative that can vote and veto. There is a council that advises the mayor who is leader. The government is related to the Greek democracy.

In Snowhaven we have many different ways to uphold and show the law. There are police that uphold the law. And written laws are in the town hall. There is also a judge and jury to uphold the ancient "trial by jury".

What about people living in Snowhaven

We are to use these cultural facts and incorporate them into our Greco-Roman community. As stated before the community will be built for an upper middle class range with families with children along with college students. In the community there will be desirable things like a fountain square, shops, transport, a university, a stadium, police and firemen, and our own source for history of the world, nation, and city. Also there are many statues, reliefs, and mosaics throughout the town. The town couldn’t be a community if no one could live there so we have incorporated the ideas of housing, sewage systems, heating, and a fresh water source. These things make our town desirable and more modern so that it appeals to many people.

Specifics of Snowhaven

Area: 6 miles by 6 miles-square shape
Jobs: yes there are jobs and there are many transports from in the city to get to jobs in other cities.
Location: Near Cleveland
Climate: Colder than most with a greater chance of rain or snow
Maximum number of people: 15,000
Type of people living in Snowhaven: upper middle class along with college students

Guaranteed to be relaxing and fun