book 19

By Jake Nelson

book 19

"Odysseus scowled at her and answered, "My good woman, why should you be so angry with me? Is it because I am not clean, and because my clothes are all in rags, and because I am obliged to go begging about after the manner of tramps and beggars generally? I too was a rich man once." Odyssues was talking to one of the maids but she doesn't know it's him.

"I can therefore show now affection to strangers, nor suppliants, nor to people who say that they are skilled artisans, but am all the time broken-hearted about Odysseus." Penelope is talking about missing odysseus and she doesn't know that's who she is talking to. she thinks it's a stranger who is going to tell her about her husband.

"As soon as Euryclea had got the scarred limb in her hands and had well hold of it, she recongized it and dropped the foot at once." When the nurse was washing odysseus foot she recognized a scar he got when he was a kid. now she knows who he is.

The characters in this book are Odysseus, Penelope and her nurse and maids. Odysseus is there talking to them but they don't know it's him. He's trying to see how they talke about him.