Keep Holding On

Susane Colasanti

Summary of the Book

Noelle Wexler isn't rich and doesn't fit in like most other kids. She gets bullied for being poor and not having enough clothes. She has a boyfriend, Matt, who doesn't want to tell anyone about their relationship. Noelle likes another guy named Julian. When the bullying starts getting worse, she joins a group during her lunch period so people won't see her sad excuse for a lunch. Matt, her boyfriend, has another girlfriend, but Noelle never found out until it was too late. Noelle's mother neglects her and doesn't provide much food for her. After one of Noelle's friends commits suicide, teachers start noticing the bullying and her mother's neglect, and get involved. Her life isn't good and she tries but always seems to fail to make it better. She just has to keep holding on and reach out, and her life will be better.
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Why You Should Read This Book

This book is very inspiring. It teaches to never give up and hold on. It makes me want to be different and justify it. Keep Holding On is an amazing book. The author wants to let the reader know that being different isn't wrong, it's unique. It's a quick, easy read that can easily make you get emotional. I enjoyed this book and would give it 9 out of 10.