State Facts

Mississippi,Ohio,and California



nickname:"The Magnolia State"

date of statehood:December 10,1817

state flower:Magnolia

state bird:Northern Mocking Bird

state tree:Magnolia

interesting facts:The Mississippi River is there. It is located in the Southern United States.The population is 2.985 million

tourist attractions:Jackson Zoo,Mississippi State Capital, and University of Mississippi State



Nickname:"The Buckeye State"

Date of Statehood:March1,1803

State flower:Scarlet Carnation

State bird: Cardinal

State Tree: Aeseulus Glabra

Interesting Facts: Ohio means "Great river". Ohio is located in Midwestern United States. Ohio is the 7th most popular state in the United States.

Tourist Attractions: Cedar Point, Cleveland Browns Stadium, and Greater Cleveland Aquarium.


capital: Sacramento

nickname:"The Golden State"

date of statehood:September 9,1850

state flower: Eschseholzia California

state bird:California Quail

state tree: Redwood

interesting facts: poplutation is 33,871,648. The square miles of land are 155,959. The motto is Eureka(I got it).

By: Sydney Stein