Mali VS Usa

By Abby Condon, Bennett Dial

Our Highlight about Mali

Our research is about the quality of life in Mali, and how it contrasts with our lifestyle in the United States.

Compare and Contrast

The USA has a much larger population then Mali. Both countries are able to grow crops, but the difference is that the USA has more arable land due to it's massive land size and favorable climate conditions. Climate conditions such as droughts, erosion, and flooding can negativity impact the amount of food harvested. A recent drought in Mali lead to poor harvests and has lead to a major nutrition crisis amongst it's citizens. The starvation rate of Mali children is very high. Many people on average are only able to have one meal a day. Lack of nutrition has lead to civil unrest and even the threat of civil war. The differences of permanent crops is that because we don't have dry humid climate in the USA which tells us that we have more land to grow crops and can live through out all the season. With Mali permanent crops are not easy founded because of the weather some plants can not survive the condition and other can.

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Unemployment Rate

This chart shows that Mali has 30% of the population is unemployed and do not have jobs at all. This is not good because people do not get a profit which cant buy for food which is made for the stocking progress. The difference between them two is that Mali is a higher percentage of unemployment rate then the USA.

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Literacy Rate

The difference between the two are that the Mali has 30% literacy rate which is not good because the kids of Mali need to go to school to have a good education and to learn how to farm.

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These picture shows you that have a certain amount of proportion and that we do not have a specific type of proportion at all. We can just eat what every we want and they Mali family can't. They have different food styles and cultures and so do we.

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