Welcome to Club Papaya

Our Motto is "Soma: Don't just stand there, join the party!"

Tired to school, being bored, your parents, etc? Come to a Club Papaya!

One may ask the question, "What is soma?" Soma is a pleasable drug. If you're ever tired or stressed, you may want to try Soma. Everyone is taking it now in days. It really takes you on a "trip". If you come to our Soma camp, which is only $19.99 plus tax, you will be able to have hands on experience with Soma, learn how to use it, and whenever you leave, we will give you a FREE bag of Soma. You won't regret your choice of choosing Club Papaya.

Welcome to Club Papaya!

Any age is welcomed here! We party non-stop 24/7. Here it is a Soma Vacation. Soma relaxes anyone who takes it.