Cultural Impact

on Canada's Workplace


An innovated and provoked workforce in today’s society requires equal opportunities, reduced barriers in the workforce, and equal pay for work of equal value. By having equality in the workplace it helps create a friendly environment, which benefits the economy. The Employment Equality Act protects women, Aboriginal individuals, the disabled and visible minorities from discrimination. The government of Canada has also created a Racism Free Workplace strategy which protects minorities and specific people from racism. Reducing barriers as such, while increasing incorporation allows a workforce to achieve inclusive work environments.

Pay equity helps to pursue equality at work, making sure that both men and women are treated based on the value of work, rather than their sex. Lastly, creating opportunities allows for change to be welcomed, creating room for improvement and allowing for more equality to take action.

Employment Standards

Employment Standards are beneficial since they protect the rights of workers, improve worker relationships, and create a strong economy. Examples of employment standards are working hours, minimum wage, and holidays. Employment standards also include arrangements for a leave, when taking care of a new born child.

Holidays is a great example of how employment standards respect the culture of employees. Cultural holidays are respected, since employee's are able to take a day off in order to participate in their holiday.

Workplace Safety

Ensuring that workplaces are safe is the key to the interests of everyone and to the performance of the country’s economy. Human Resources and Skills Development Canada’s Labour Program is committed to the workplace safety. Each Canadian is worthy of working in safe and healthy environments, and the Government of Canada works towards protecting these rights through legislation, and programs & services designed to prevent accidents and injuries at the workplace.

Government of Canada has introduced new regulations under the Canada Labour Code to prevent violence. This code outlines each worker’s right to workplace free of sexual harassment. Within the Labour Program, the government ensures that the Fire Protection Program within it promotes a proactive approach to fire safety and prevention, while providing services.

Labour Relations

Labour relations are beneficial to both the economic security of individuals and the economic prosperity of Canada. The Labour Program encourages cooperation and equality, while providing assistance of labour relations to workplaces within the federal jurisdiction. The Prevention Mediation Program is also designed to help and work towards improving ongoing relationships between the employers and unions, while a collective agreement is in force.

"desires to continue and extend its support to labour and management in their cooperative efforts to develop good relations and constructive bargaining practices"

Human Resources and Skills Development Canada

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