My Smore Flyer

By Grace Windsor Wexler

Grace Windsor Wexler


My name is Grace Windsor Wexler. I am a character in The Westing Game. The Westing Game is a marvelous novel especially since I am in it. The Westing Games is written by Ellen Raskin. I love to shop [as you can see in the picture bellow]. I could have been an interior decorator I have such amazing skills! I am a very organized women. I enjoy helping my friend jimmy with his restaurant. I have two daughters. Angela is a beautiful young lady and is about to get married! Exciting right? The best part is that he is a doctor! A real doctor! Turtle is well... Did I mention I am the heir of Sam Westing? Yes THE Sam Westing! Incredible isn't it? Although I always suspected I was special. Those are just some of the many interesting things about me.

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Here are two key passages that show who I was and am now.

Passage 1: Just wait until those so called friends of hers with their classy houses see this place. The furniture would have to be reupholstered; no, she'd buy new furniture-beige velvet. And she'd have stationery made-blue with deckle edge, her name and fancy address in swirling type across the top: Grace Windsor Wexler, Sunset Towers on the Lake Shore.

This key passage shows that (as much as I hate to admit) I am a little (okay a lot) stuck-up. I want everything to be orderly, grand, and perfect. I think high of myself. I don't have many true friends. I compare myself to others.

Passage 2: The elevator door opened to the lobby. Grace turned to her silent, sad-eyed husband, the loser."Oh jake what's happening to us? What's happening to me? Maybe there right, maybe I'am not a nice person.

This keep passage is very short but it shows a lot. It shows that I am beginning to realize that I am not the greatest person. I have ignored what people say about me. Now, I am starting to realize that they might be right. I am beginning to realize that I am rude and stuck-up.

My Internal Conflict

My internal conflict is that I am rude and stuck-up to everybody. Not many people like me.(There lost)

Three symbols that represent Me

Reservation Book:

High Heels:

Fabric samples:

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My Theme Song: Uptown Funk

Title: Uptown Funk

Artists: Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson

Why I choose song: I choose this song because I am incredibly fancy and think very highly of myself. (Not that thats a bad thing) Although the song might be a little to upbeat for me most of the lyrics represent me.

Uptown Funk (Clean Audio) by Mark Ronson [feat. Bruno Mars]

Thanks For Reading My flyer! I bet you can't wait till next time. Well, I must be leaving I have things to do and places to be! Au revoir!