Come One! Come All!!!

We Welcome All Japanese Americans!!!!

Does your family just need a little vacation?

You need a break from work? Cleaning your home? Maybe your kids need a vacation away from all the hard work at school? Come on over to Tulelake Camp; where everyone is welcome.

Sell your homes, businesses, or anything else, so you can come on down with us for a long vacation. BE THERE OR BE SQUARE!!!!

All families will get there very own furnished apartment, including heat. Everyday you will get amazing food. The days are beautiful and sunny, the nights is a little chilly and windy so the heat could come handy. Big fielded areas all over for you and your kids to run around. This incredible vacation is actually Free! No cost at all; so come have fun.


Sunday, May 26th, 10am

Hill Rd

Tulelake, CA

You want a vacation? Go to the train station near you and come on down.

This is a Well Needed Vacation!!!!