Pediatric Surgeon

Nora Rodriguez


Pediatric Surgeons are well educated doctors who specialize in surgical procedures on children. This job requires, patience, intelligence and skill to properly do surgeries. This career receives high pay but a large amount of schooling. Pediatric Surgeons are important to life for many sick children around the world. This job is vital to humanity.

Education and Training

The education required to be a pediatric surgeon takes a lot. You must go through eleven years of school usually at a big university with a good medical program. You must earn a medical degree and then specialize in surgery. After you specialize in surgery you must

specialize in pediatric surgery. After this you have to complete a residency and on the job training. This education takes a long amount of time and because of that many people choose other careers.

Typical Day

A typical day of a pediatric surgeon requires long hours and little sleep. Pediatric surgeons can work in hospital or in their own private practice.The surgeons have to talk to the parents and then perform surgery on the child. This is a very scary career that requires a lot of time and dedication.

Job Skills, Talents, and Experience

Being a Pediatric Surgeon requires high sensitivity when talking to children and parents. You have to deal with stress very well. You also have to know knowledge about your subject off the top of your head during surgeries and urgent situations. You need to be able to console grieving families as well. I am very well suited for this job because I have good communication skills and I'm good in high stress level situations


There are many jobs available if you are aspiring to become a pediatric surgeon.

There is lots of competition for Pediatric Surgeons. The well known doctors

also receive many more patients, than new surgeons. There is potential growth for

surgeons as bad health increases.


The average salary for a pediatric surgeon in Texas is $263,000. In states other than Texas the average salary is much higher. It is $475,645. This is a lot of money and it is much higher than the average job salary. This money pays off for the amount of school Pediatric Surgeons have to go through.


I have many of the skills required for this job. I have high sensitivity and a very kind heart.

I am very good with high stress situations. My mom is a doctor for kids so I've been around

sick children and I know exactly how to treat them.

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