The Surrealism movement

"Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings"-Dali

By : Kirsten Masten

Dates: 1924-1940,s

Surrealism was born from the Dada movement, Except the Surrealist wanted to fix humanity not mock it like the Dadaists did. Surrealist got in touch with their deepest thoughts and dreams.

This movement was mainly to create visual art and writing. Most artist created their inner selves, their nightmares, and their mental illness through painting them. They tried to show the power of the unconscious mind.

Facts about Surrealism

1: The movement began after the famous poet Andre Brenton who wrote the "Surrealist Manifesto"

2: The Surrealist usually did films as well

3:Surrealism was usually thought of as a literal movement

Examples of Surrealism

Main People/locations

Salvador Dali

Max Ernst

Andre Brenton

The movement began in Europe after ww1