MRSA Infects Young Man and Mutates!

Young man becomes infected with MRSA and mutates into alien!

Scientists Still Unsure What Caused Mutation

Brett Alfredo, 22, became ill and was sent to the hospital November 19, 2012 to be seen. He was diagnosed with MRSA and was given a non-Beta-lactam antibiotic to cure the staph infection. The very next day young Alfredo has mutated into a dangerous alien! Scientists have no explanation for this insanity, Doctor Brown states "This is unheard of. In all my years having studied the sciences, I have never seen, or even heard of such an event. It seems as though it may have been the medication given to Brett. But then again we're at a dead end for an explanation."


Keep distance, seek help!

If Brett is seen, either in human form or alien form, take extreme precautions and stay away from him. Look for a police officer or other similar security. Do not approach him as he is dangerous and growing violent. His powers and strength are unknown, so every measure of security needs to be met.

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