February News

LTF Middle School Math Teachers Newsletter

Happy Short Month!

I hope you are all doing well. I am enjoying coming to visit and seeing all of the awesome things you do on a daily basis. You are all amazing! Please remember I am here if you need me. I can help you plan, pace, implement new strategies, brainstorm, or listen to you vent. I look forward to seeing you soon!

Literacy Strategy

Three-Level Guide

This strategy involves a graphic organizer which is broken up into three parts or levels:
Part 1-literal comprehension,
Part 2- interpretive comprehension, and
Part 3- applied comprehension.

Students evaluate concepts, rules, facts, math ideas, and approaches to solving a problem. Part 1 includes True/False questions, Part 2 includes checking which mathematical ideas will be useful to solve the problem, and Part 3 involves deciding which calculations will be helpful to solve the problem.

For more detailed information and an example please visit the website below. I would be happy to meet with you to help you implement this in your classroom. I think this is an easy way to scaffold for our many kids that need extra literacy support.

Upcoming LTF Lessons

With the short month I know that it's hard to get everything in! Let me know if I can make copies for you or find something different for you.

6th Grade Regular- Rating the Trip (Digits Topic 11)

6th Grade Honors- Arithmetic Sequences (7th Grade Digits Topic 5)

7th Grade Regular- Surface Area and Volume (Digits Topic 13) *One of my favorite lessons!

7th Grade Honors- Introduction to Related Rates using Volume (Accellerated Digits Topic 22)

8th Grade- Angles of a Regular Polygon (Digits Topic 11)

Algebra 1- Exponential Growth (Unit 7) *No LTF correllated resources with Unit 8

Front Row Ed

During my visits, I have noted multiple teachers using Front Row Ed with success. This website offers standards-based instruction multiple ways.

Standards Assessment: As a teacher, you can assign specific standards to students. This part is similar to an edmodo snapshot or assignment on scootpad, yet it is so much better aligned to our curriculum!

Adaptive Practice: Front Row offers students adaptive practice on strands of standards. You do not have to assign these as a teacher. Much like IXL, students have access to ALL of the strands. When students pick a strand, Front Row does a VERY SHORT diagnostic assessment on the strand, and then offers the student practice based on that diagnostic. There are multiple levels of the adaptive pratice that your students can master for each strand.

Fact Practice: Fact Practice offers practice over basic facts. This is great for a lot of intervention kids. Once again, like IXL, you do not have to assign Fact Practice. Students have access to it once they are logged in.

Group Lessons: There are lessons available to you as a teacher on almost every standard. These would also be great to use as re-teaching tools or during intervention classes, because they go all the way down to grade K.

To get started, register as a teacher at the website linked. The fastest way that I learned to navigate the site was to create a fake student account and log in as a student.

I would be happy to come help you get set up or share my knowlege of how I've seen it work best. (Unfortunately, right now Front Row only goes up to 8th grade standards, but even for Algebra and Geometry kids, there may be some good review material especially before ASIPRE.)