Catching Up With Castro's Class

February 10th, 2013

Dear Parents,

We finally got through a whole week of school! In this newsletter you can find updates about what we are doing in class, pictures of us in class and reminders about events at Lake Murray. Have a great weekend!


Victoria Castro

Language Arts

Reading- This week I will be assigning new reading goals to all of the students. On the 17th all the kids will start working towards their goals. Please make sure that your child is reading at home 3-4 nights a week for about 20-30 minutes. The more s/he reads the more opportunities they will have to practice reading strategies and grow as a reader!

We are currently working on asking and answering questions about a text after we have read it. To get the kids to really dig deep in their questioning and to use evidence to back up their opinions we have been doing classroom fishbowl discussions or "Socratic seminars". The students sit in a circle and have a discussion about the story. You would be truly amazed to hear the topics they discuss and the ideas they come up with together. See a picture below of our discussion on the story Myron.


We finished our fraction unit today and will begin measurement this week. This will include measuring capacity, mass and telling time. We have timed mixed multiplication quizzes every Wednesday, so keep studying those facts!

**If a student gets an A on a timed quiz they are allowed to skip the quiz the following week. So if you see an excused in the grade book for a mixed quiz then your student earned a free day!

MULTIPLICATION MANIA- On February 18th all of the third grade students will be participating in multiplication mania day to celebrate their hard work in learning their facts. They will rotate through all of the 3rd grade classrooms and play different multiplication games with each 3rd grade teachers.

Social Studies

The students have finished up their Revolutionary War unit and we have started learning about the effects of the Revolutionary War. Our new unit will include the effects of the war, the 3 branches of government and the responsibilities of each branch.

To review what we learned about the American Revolution we used our Lego Build to Express Kits to build models representing different aspects of the Revolutionary War. Just click play on the Smilebox below to see videos of different students in the class explaining their GREAT Revolutionary War Lego builds!

Dates to Remember

February 13 or 14th- Send in Valentine's Day Box

February 17th- Snow Makeup Day

February 21st- Winter Fest

February 22nd- D5 Dance Marathon

February 25th- PTO Meeting, performance and art show