Flooding in the Carolinas

Xavier P.

What Caused the Flood

Hurricane Juanqin was the cause of the flood. It rained 4" to 10" in Richland county. It did this in just 3 days !!
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Schools Closed for a Week, Delayed for Two, and many roads were Closed

In the Sandhills region many schools and jobs were delayed because of this historical flood AKA "The Flood of SC". One High School football field was submerged in water. Schools were delayed for long peroids of time because where school bus had to travel the road were either under water or destroyed.

After the Flood

It cost about $1billion to repair South Carolina during the flood. More than 400,000 people were under a boiled water advisory. At least 17 people died during this tragect event, 15 were in South Carolina and 2 in North Carolina. 11 dams were breached.