Time Bomb

By: Nigel Hinton


Time Bomb is about Andy and his three best friends. Eddie, Manny, and Bob. They like to play at an old building that was bombed during WWII. They later discover a WWll bomb that didn't blow up when it hit the ground. Andy and Eddie are betrayed by their parents and they started to develope a hate list. While Andy and Eddie where playing at the bomb building a odd person came his name was Cap. He told them that he was an army special forces and he was undercover and he told all sorts of stories about when he was in the army and who he is spying on and why. Meanwhile a company is planning to build a building on the bomb building that Andy and his friends play at.


The theme of the book is stick with your friends. I think that this is the theme of the book because Andy doesn't stick with his friends and it causes some complications. You should always stick with your friends ( unless they are doing somthing really bad ) no matter what.

Unexploded Bombs

Unexploded bombs are artillery, mines, bombs, and even hand garnads that didn't go off. They call these duds. There are about 4,000 duds in the Capitol of Germany alone. Most of the time these duds are found durning construction. A couple of years ago in Germany construction was going on and a WWII bomb went off killing three wounding six. These bombs really aren't that big of a problem in Germany they still exist and ocassional they do take lives.

Unexploded Bombs in the Book

Unexploded bombs where introduce early in the book. The bomb was dropped in over a building and it didn't go off and was covered in ruble. Everything in a way orbits around the bomb. After the discovery of the bomb problems start occurring. I personally think that the author did a good showing unexploded bomb in this book.