Mrs. Kurt's Math Class News

Week of September 19-23


  • My kids did a great job on Quiz #2. I looked through the paper but not graded yet. I will get it done tonight and post the grades on FSA-Connect. I will send a notification via Remind as well.
  • Today, we've started to learn about prime factorization. On Monday, We will extend the topic by learning L-method to find the prime factorization and GCF&LCM. I've recommended my kids to review the prime factorization over weekend. You will find the useful links below.
  • As I announced earlier, HW policy is updated. From now on, it will be given Monday and due to the following Monday unless it is announced different.
  • Following week, we will have division facts drill instead of warm up. As I see so far, it motivates the students and makes them aware that the current topics that we cover in math class requires mastery on multiplication and division facts. Please encourage them to practice.
  • Fluency in math facts is crucial for students in order to progress successfully through math concepts. I would like all of my students master this before we move on those concepts. Please have them practice daily at home using flash cards and online games. Let me know if you need any help to find online resource. Here is one of the website.

By the end of next week I CAN.........

  • I can write the numbers up to 50 as a product of prime numbers.
  • I can use L-method to write numbers as a product of prime numbers.
  • I can multiply 4-digit by 1-digit numbers using place value.

Have a great week:))