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May 2015

Welcoming May!

Our prairie family is in the hustle and bustle of Spring. Our little plants we started from seed are patiently waiting to get planted in the garden. The farmer husband has planted his crops and waiting for rain to water the dry prairie. We are spending lots of time outdoors finding birds nests and flowers and all sorts of beloved treasures. During this time of year we spend as much time outside as possible so we usually end up packing anything we might need for our adventures.

What we take on our adventures!

This prairie mama has always been known to be over prepared for any situation. I take a backpack with one change of clothes each, wipes/toilet paper, healthy snacks, water, homemade hand sanitizer, and my favorite keychain that holds 8 little vials of essential oils and several bandages. This keychain of oils I carry with us everywhere. It has been a conversation starter when in town and has been so helpful for my family and those around us. The eight oils I carry are lemon, lavender, peppermint, digestZen, geranium, frankincense, melaleuca, balance, and onGuard. I put an extra little vial of fractionated coconut oil in it as well for diluting the oils.

I might be over prepared but at least I am ready for anything!

Join the journey in May!

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Getting the stink out!

This prairie mama was beside herself a few days ago with finding a brown dried out package wrapped neatly in a long lost blanket. I pre-washed the thing and thought I would need to throw it away, as it seemed like the rinsing intensified the odors wafting in the air. I used my homemade laundry soap that has washing soda, oxi-clean, as well as other powerhouse safe cleaning agents. After the second wash, I came upstairs and got my essential oils, and a bit of vinegar, and added the concoction to my wash. I pulled it out of the machine smelling the herby fresh smell without any lingering smells! I wish I had thought of adding oils to my wash to begin with. Try it! Add 2-5 drops of your favorite citrus oil, lavender oil, or the purification blend of oils and be mesmerized. I used 5 drops of the purification blend!


This week, the prairie family was recovering from non-stop fun from visiting cousins. We had extra sugar and not enough sleep. It is no wonder that the littlest munchkin started with loss of appetite, followed by sneezing and runny nose. The next day the eldest had a severe sore throat. What did I do to help soothe and relieve the discomfort? I made a blend of 2 drops of lavender, 2 drops of lemon, and 1 drop of oregano mixed in a tablespoon of coconut oil. I applied to the throat area and added the warmest wet towel I could find and covered with a dry towel. I let the eldest rest on the couch and watch some tv while she was wrapped up for about 10 minutes. I then rubbed the same combination of oils with an added 2 drops of the protective blend to the above oil combo, on her chest, back, and feet. She had the oil combo rubbed on one more time before bed. The next morning both kids were feeling better. Sore throat was relieved, and congestion eased.
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