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July Happenings with Stella & Dot

Get Ready to Jump-Start Your 2nd Half - July Motivations!

Hello Team!

I've got to confess - June was not my greatest month. In fact, it was my worst month since I began my career with Stella & Dot almost 2 1/2 years ago. There are many reasons for this that I'd like to share with you, so that you do not feel alone in feeling that June was not a great month for you either! I get that, and I see it in our reports. But - guess what??? - That's sooooo OK! For starters, June is hard because everyone is getting out of school and heading off to Summer camps and family vacations. All of my friends were just too busy and had just gotten finished with a busy May with end of school events, sports, awards, etc. It's just a very busy time of year! Add into that - I was sick for about two weeks of June, and because I didn't have that many trunk shows scheduled, I was kind of OK with that!!! Sometimes you just have to take a break and revitalize and re-new your health and your spirit. I feel that I was able to do that last month. I hope that the same was true for all of you, too!

But now it's July!!! And we have an awesome reason to be so pumped about Stella & Dot and our individual businesses! Hoopla begins two weeks from today and and I CAN NOT be more excited about this event!!! I have a feeling that it is going to be the beginning of some really great things to come for our second half of the year. This will be my third Hoopla since joining Stella & Dot. I have never missed one, and I never plan to. It truly is such an amazing three days with our fabulous CEO, Jessica Herrin, the amazing and hilarious VP of Training, Danielle Redner, and the rest of our Directors and support staff, and it really is a game-changer when it comes to looking at how you want to create and expand your Stella & Dot business. The motivation and the inspiration to be fabulous that you will receive from attending, just infects you with enthusiasm and creates in you the reason to your "why" with Stella & Dot! I'm thrilled to have three of you attending with me - Nancy Ho, Amanda Schard and Meghan Sartain! We are going to have a ball! It's not too late for the rest of you, if you'd like to experience the most amazing three days of your life (ok maybe not better than your honeymoon or something of that nature, but you get my drift)! I can help you get there - just message me and we'll figure it out!

A Couple of Things I've Learned Since I Started with Stella & Dot

These thoughts were shared on our "Leader Page" and I have adopted, edited, and made them my own so that I can share them with you:

1. It can be hard to succeed in the beginning when you are trying to reach that first "impossible hill to climb". (Often times, this is what trips up our new stylists) You haven't yet tasted consistent success and that's when those negative voices will be the loudest, telling you to give up.

2. The victory is often right around the corner when the temptation to give up is the highest.

3. While S&D is a fun career or a hobby (whatever works for you), if you look deeper it will teach you a few things about yourself. What's most important to you . . . what scares you . . . what do you believe about yourself and your abilities . . . etc., ????

4. Comparison really is the thief of joy. What matters not is what everyone else is doing or earning. What matters is - are you growing? Learning? Stretching yourself and having fun along the way? Don't hold your goals so tightly that if you miss them, your hopes come crashing down. The only person you need to compare yourself with is . . . YOU. While I'm not where I'd like to be in my career, I'm far from where I started. My journey is still growing and building and evolving, and the upward trend on the graph is impressive! That is still something to celebrate and be proud of!

5. The challenges and the struggles make the victories all that more sweeter. Had I hit Star in my first three months (it took me almost 2 1/2 years), I don't think that I would have the appreciation for finally getting there or how hard and how long others have worked to reach that goal.

6. You are stronger and FAR more capable than you think!!! Often we stop short, not at the limit of our abilities, but at the limit of our belief.

7. Sometimes we can be so focused on the end result, that we miss the transformation in us along the way.

Hoopla News!

On Monday, July 15th, after all of the day-time festivities, we will be having a Team Dinner with our Director Christina Welch. Here are the details:

Time to RSVP for our Team Party, featuring the Gemmy Awards!!! Spouses are welcome to come along for our team pizza & wine party (featuring wine from our CFO Jeff Harris' own winery!). RSVP via this link to join us! Be sure to be there at 8pm for the Gemmys, awards that EVERY stylist can appreciate! We'll have fun, prizes, celebrations, and so much more!
Nominate yourself for the Gemmys:

On Tuesday night, before the big Dance Party, our Director, Melissa Olson and Heather Willison have invited us to their suite to have a glass of wine and unwind before the 8:00 dance party. We are free to bring a bite to eat and something to drink and then we can all head on up to the big night which starts at 8:00pm.


This will be my third Hoopla and I am so excited to go I can't stand it!!!! And I would love to have my whole team there with me! Hoopla is a game changer for your Stella & Dot business! After the launch of our new bag and tote collection in April, I can not wait to see what they have in store for us in July! You can bet that it's going to be BIG! And it's VEGAS BABY!!! It's not too late to register - just click on the link below and do it! We can figure out hotel rooms, etc., so contact me if you are in!

You can REGISTER HERE just click and go!!!

Bringing Hoopla Home!

For those of you who are not going to be able to attend Hoopla, I have tentatively scheduled a "Bringing Hoopla Home" event for July 22nd. I should have all of my new collection samples by then, (I plan to have them one day aired), and so I would love to have you all join me to get the scoop on "All Things Hoopla" and to get you motivated and excited about the new Fall Collection. It's going to be awesome - so start warming up those hostesses who've been on the fence. They're going to WANT to get what's coming - I promise you!

Melissa's Team Incentive

In case you haven't seen it in the Team Gemtourage Facebook page - our fearless leader, Melissa Olson, has offered a team incentive this month - if you are able to reach 1,500 PCV by the 15th, you will get the Spinning Bird Earring Stand. I have it, and believe me, you WANT it! Check it out here:

If you are able to "qualify" by July 15th - (sell $500 retail) then you will be entered into a drawing to win this display piece, as well. So let's "front-load" July and get those trunk shows in so that you can set yourselves up for success when the new line launches!

Meet Our New Team Members

July Incentive

OK - Time to get this Summer party season started!!! Along with Melissa's team incentive, I will give a new line sample to anyone on this team that is able to reach 1,500 PCV ($2,308 retail) by July 15th!!! So FRONT-LOAD your trunk shows this month! And if you are able to reach $500 retail by July 15th, then you will receive a display item from me! If the first part of July isn't going to work for you, then if you are able to reach 1,500 pcv by the end of the month, you will be entered to win one of the new totes that will be coming out with the Fall Collection. So please email me with your goal and let's get you there!!! I'm here to help - let's schedule a coaching session! Let me know what works with your schedule. Let's go TEAM!!! XOXO

Barbie Cottrell, Star Stylist & Leader with Stella & Dot

Your Fearless leader here! If you need anything - schedule a coaching call, advice, assistance, you know where to find me! :) Keep working hard to be the best you can be! Remember - YOUR business, YOUR goals, YOUR pace, YOUR way!




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