Cunningham Nation

February Team Rec and News

Biggest Month Yet!

CONGRATS is in order for ALL of the Cunningham Nation! I have to say, this was our biggest month in the history of months in my Arbonne career. We beat our best month (which was the month we went Nation) by SEVERAL dollars. :) It was so exciting to watch and to celebrate all the new promotions and EXCITING qualifications! I feel so completely dumb founded by what is going on as we APPROACH GTC! This is commonplace momentum for AFTER GTC, but it's rare to have this kind of commotion going INTO the big event! So needless to say, I'm excited but I also want to shout from the rooftops: KEEP IT UP! DON'T SLOW DOWN! KEEP IT MOVING! You have NO IDEA what this will mean if we keep this pace up moving into April and all that the following months have to offer us. I can't contain my excitement!

So while we're on the subject of GTC, I want to remind you all to PUSH HARD to finish your promotions so that you go to GTC getting paid off the BIGGEST MONTH OF THE YEAR as the next level up in your business. So if you are in qualification, GIVE IT ALL YOU'VE GOT! You never regret what you DO in this business- it's always what you should have and could have done. SO PUSH! It's not too late! Step it up! Make a plan and work the plan!

If you're NOT in qual, GET INTO QUAL! Use the momentum of GTC to PUSH you to the next level in your business. DO NOT WAIT FOR GTC TO BE THE PROPELLER! Jump now! If you wait, you'll be JUST behind the wave. So get to work and you'll SAIL into the summer with HUGE momentum and excitement!

A Few Announcements and Reminders about GTC...

1) Get your team shirt by March 27th!

2) If you're one of the early bird GTC registries... let me know if you want turkey or veggie for your sandwich. If you're not an early bird registry and you'd like me to grab you lunch for our team lunch on Saturday, let me know what sandwich you prefer and paypal me $15 to

3) Keep in mind that the IWIA (the package of ALL the new products being launched- I know what they are and you will ABSOLUTELY WANT THEM) is just below $350. They usually incentivize you with a better deal if you buy THREE IWIA sets. You can ONLY get this deal AT GTC! So come prepared!

4) Dress for Thursday is white bottoms (if you have them) and team shirt. Friday will be business casual (look nice- wear flats!) and Friday night will be cocktail. Saturday will be business casual and Saturday night will be the WHITE PARTY for area's and above! If you have questions regarding GTC, let me know!

5) Download the GTC 2015 app and get caught up on the schedule and all the goings on!

CAN NOT WAIT! My favorite event of the year!

And now for some RECOGNITION!

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Team TEMPLEMAN in Qualification for NATION!

YOU GUYS ARE RIDICULOUS! I feel like I should say it's about time, but it's also just your year anniversary so DANG! Let's finish this bad boy and put another team on that stage!

Ryan Templeman AND Kim Phirman in Qualification for REGION!

Amazing! Way to be coachable and to lead by example!

1/2 REGION!! Molly Lovell and Angela Dizon!

You guys are smellin' the leather BIG TIME! GO TEAM!

Areas in Qualification!

Courtney Kulahiko

Megan Mutz

Rachel Haggerty

Angie Serawop

Amy Moyer

Angela Dizon

Melissa Draggoo

Kelly Sheridan

Jenny Hatch

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New District Managers!

Heidi Preece

Meghan Mara

Brittney Burke

Joshua Howell

Jessi Barry-Lindell

Krissy Banuelos

Jenny Hatch

Jonelle Bright

Jessi Lindell

Krissy Banuelos

Melissa Draggoo

Districts in Qualification!

Stacy Nicewonger

Marcie Goertz

Kaream Ahmed

Brittany Quick

Stacey Kreitz

Jamie LaFountain

Sheena Myers

Wendy Walker

Nicole Gromachey

Derrick Lindow

Grace Ravenelle

Ashley Fielding

Georgianna Drees

Mandy Lucas

Jes Kittel

Jackie Hensley

Nicole Gibson

Jamiee Stahl

Genevieve Blake

Lindy Campbell

Dori Irwin

Kristen Johnston

Rebecca Stange

Jodi Schmitz

Hillary MacLachlan

Stephanie Gocke

Natalie Stevenson

Jennifer Ybarra

Chelsey Mora

Kaylee Sedler

Cherisse Sherman

Laurie Hitchens

Lynn Barnes

Ester Lanuza

Loree Skiles

Kirsten Becker

Anna Nowicki

Patricia Lacey

Elann Grimes

Tanya Williams

John Thiel

Susan Usedom

Erin Maas

Natasha Barron

Cherral Castillo

AnneMarie Look


RVP BONUS= $600!

Wendy Cunningham

Toni Templeman

AM BONUS=$400!

Wendy Cunningham

Molly Lovell

Ashley Wood

Kimberly Phirman

DM BONUS=$200!

Courtney Kulahiko

Megan Mutz

Suz Howell

Kari Reynosa

Ashlee Petrilli

Wendy Cunningham

Amanda Berrien

Shauna Bambino

Molly Lovell

Jill Nonn

Ashlee Petrilli

Courtney Kulahiko

Megan Mutz

Kimberly Phirman

Angela Dizon

Kelly Sheridan

Chanda Morse

Shauna Bambino

Wendy Cunningham

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Team Meetings and Guest Events ~

Tahoe Nation Meeting

Always the first WEDNESDAY of the month

Barton Hospital Board Room at 6:30pm

Roseville Team Meeting

Always the first MONDAY of the month

AM Shauna Bambino's house at 7pm

Pleasanton Nation Meeting

Always the first WEDNESDAY of the month

Mercedes Benz of Pleasanton at 6:15pm

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Cunningham Nation Celebration THIS SATURDAY @ 3:30pm!

As many of you know, this event sold out in about 40 hours! WOWZA! We are so excited to welcome Stian Morck to celebrate this amazing team of leaders as we've reached the TOP level in Arbonne- National Vice President!

If you're one of the lucky one's who've snagged a ticket, PLEASE ATTEND! There are SO MANY sidelines who were really looking forward to plugging in to hear our founders son, so if you do have any tickets lying around, be sure you post on Team Faith! I can't wait to celebrate with you all!

If you're not able to be there, we WILL be broadcasting live! Please feel free to gather guests, friends and team to watch from your living room together. We celebrate you all from afar!

So looking forward to seeing you all this weekend!

Don't forget!

1) This is the LAST MONTH to earn AIT! Check in and see where you're at and earn that cruise for your family!

2) Don't forget to send your sponsoring numbers from last month to Danielle Stenz so that you're included in your Region's Disney Incentive! Keep your eyes on sponsoring and give your family a trip to the happiest place on earth! This was a BLAST last month and I'm already looking forward to next year!