North American Natives

All about natives


Anasazi's are ancestors of Pueblo. They built things to keep the safe from the water and to water the gardens. On the top of the mesa they built canals to bring water to the plants in the bottom of the canyon. They made house from the stone and adobe, they where some 2 storiy buildings they where like apartments they live on they walls of the cliffs. There cumnuittes they made where farly large thye could houes up to 1000 people. Pueble built roads and some tradeing routes. The craftmens made many thing from jewelry to pottery. They also made art and arcutecture. They most likey left because of mulitpule droughts.


They where known as the Eastern Woodlands people. They lived in the Ohio valley region around the 700 BC. They liked to grow many vegsables. Made copper jewerly and some pottery. They made many elaborate burial mounds this means they used lots of unneeded details.


They arrived in Ohio in the early 300BC. They built very tall mounds and some of them where atleast 40ft high and 100ft wide. The artifactes found suggest extensive trade network. They where known as the mound builders.


They arrived in Mississippi in the 800AD. They grew foods they added maize and beans this increased the population. The increase then the population made it so they needed to find more land to live on. That means they will need more citys some had up to 10,000 people in the citys the largest city was the Cahokia's. The center of the town in Cahokia was a mound 100ft high the was more then 15 acres. There where 120 smaller mounds around the bigger one.