Thanksgiving -- It's here!

Our Menu -- Tell me if you want to make changes.

It looks like we will have 19 folks present: Mary, Dennis, Karen, Benjie, Colt, Ashley H., Meagan, Linda, Mike, Steven, Ashley F., Chuck, Tee, Ann, Brad, Layton, Christi, Lilly, & Mauricio. (Katie will stop by to fix 2 to-go plates.) That means that we need food for 21, unless Brad brings a guest or Mike's parents come.


Thursday, Nov. 26th, 2pm

Linda & Mike's house

I'm bringing the kids' table from Opelika for Colt, Mauricio, Lilly, & Layton. It has benches. I have to bring the white table from M&D's kitchen to seat 6. Linda has to get 6 chairs for that table. Linda's dining table seats 6. Her counter seats 3 & that makes 19. Do we need a folding card table & chairs? I feel that we do because the counter will be full of food. We really need to know about those last 3, Ann & Linda.

Who's bringing what. SISTERS

Karen --
turkey: cooking at Dad's Wed. night (have it already)
gravy (will boil giblets for bought gravy)
rolls (may be homemade if M&D calm but will have bought ones too)
dessert: pecan cobbler (9 X 13) & vanilla ice cream + 1/2 orange slice cake from B's mom
cornbread: 1 pan for dressing to go to Linda's Wed.
Benjie will be grocery shopping for K, A, & M.
Linda --
broccoli & rice casserole
sweet potatoes: bake them Wed night before Deb gets there to mix up her cass. Wed.
buy eggs, butter, sage, onions, celery, chicken broth, & 1 bag of Peppridge Farm Herb cornbread stuffing for Deb to mix in dressing Thurs morn
tea: 1 gallon (Milo's or yours)
Mike needs to set up tables & chairs & come get M&D since they won't fit in my truck.
Ann --
ham: buy in Mont. & cook Wed night at Linda's
sweet potato casserole: put it together Wed while ham cooks & cook Thurs
dressing: 3 cornbreads will be sent to Linda's from Kay, Ashley H., & Chris + Pep.Farm
boil eggs for dressing Wed night but mix & bake dressing Thurs
Christi --
cornbread: 1 pan for dressing -- take crumbled to Linda's Wed in gallon bag
grape blueberry congealed salad
tea: sweetened

GRANCHILDREN'S Contributions

Ashley H. --
cornbread: 1 cooked in Opelika & crumbled -- take to Linda's Wed night
apple salad: fix at Tee's Wed night with Chuck's help peeling & chopping-- goes in frig
corn pudding/casserole: cook at Chuck's Thurs morn *
Meagan --
deviled eggs: fix at Chuck's Wed night if room in frig to overnight
roasted veggies: bake at Tee's with Chuck's help peeling & chopping Thurs morn *
Tee --
pineapple casserole: cook Thurs. morn in 9 X 13 pan*
LeSeur English peas: 4 or 5 cans that can be opened & gently heated at Linda's in 5 mins. (no need to add pearl onions & canned mushroom pieces unless you want to)
tea: gallon of cold Milo's sweet
*(Tee, on Wed y'all decide who will use the oven 1st, 2nd, & 3rd on Thurs morn.)
Ashley F. --
creamed potatoes: lots of 'em -- Steven can help peel & chop Thurs morn.
cranberry sauce: 3 cans
ice: Steven can rinse out the cooler Wed before he buys the ice Thurs.
Coke: two 2-liters
Katie -- don't know when she'll be there
Tea: 1 gallon of cold Milo's sweet
Brad -- don't know when he'll be there
Drinks: 2 Cokes & 2 Dr.Peppers-- 2 liters


I don't think that Dennis & Mary should pay for any of this, so let's not charge on their card. I've talked to most of you about this menu, but we can change anything. Love my family.