Solving Proportions

Aryana Hughes, William Rains, Jaiden Owens

scaling up/down and Cross Products

Scaling up-if you multiply the bottom my 6 then you have to multiply the top by 6

Scaling down-If you divide the top by 9 then you have to divide the bottom by 9.

Cross products-you cross the numbers diagonally and multiply those numbers together. If a number is crossed with an x you use that number to divide.

2 Word Problems

1. Billy saw a $50 gift card that was 5% off. How much was the gift with the 5% off?

2. William bought an AVID shirt for $103 (with discount).The shirt was 53% off.How much was the original cost?

Example of a Word problem

Mackenzie bought a binder that is $25 with the discount. What was the original price if the discount is 5%?