What kind of apps have 6 graders been doing in technology??

Read on to find out!!!!!

We have been doing............Imovie the app

Fake Interview about Imovie

I thought the Imovie lesson was pretty interesting and the lesson taught me new stuff about the app named Imovie. It was actually a pretty interesting app it had different themes when you go to the Imovie trailer, you could add some rocking music into the movie you create.Theirs even more interesting things you could do but It would take too long to list all the wonderful things you could do on imovie.

We have been doing another app named......Haiku Deck

Fake interview of a lineville 6th grader about Haiku Deck

Haiku was an okay app it did have some problems but it also had some interesting things in the app. One problem it had is you can only fit so much on a screen or page. But other than that little problem, it was super fun to make. Why? Because when you're making a page on your haiku deck you could look up a picture in the haiku deck picture setting. Not does it let you pick and search a picture but it automatically adds it as your background of the page so you wont have to go through all the trouble of putting it in your self. Another great thing about haiku deck is that it has its format already done for you for example, title,main topic pages, and ending page. Haiku deck is a great app if your trying to present a title or idea and I would suggest this great app and all its great features.

Explain Everything was another great app that we used too.....

Fake interview of a lineville 6th grader

Explain was a great app in class because this app is a multitask app as i like to call it you could fit so much on this app its crazy! On just one page we could fit tons of pictures or videos and wi'll your busy showing the page you could be recording your voice on each page and while your recording your voice you could be using a little pointer icon that you point with,with your mouse. their are tons of great things you could do on explain everything but your gonna have to find out your self!

Finally the best for last......the 6th graders have been doing Go Animate

Fake interview of a lineville 6th grader about Go Animate

Personally the app Go Animate is a super fun app and it is very silly. i love the app because of the little characters that you can make. Then when you find a character you could make them dance,talk,jump,walk,sit,run,etc. Then you get to pick a background and pick the type of voice like British or girly. I suggest this app to anyone who wants to present a fun school project.